Top 10 Robert Downey Jr. Movies That Showcase His Fine Acting Skills

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Do you Know what are the ten best Robert Downey Jr. movies?

Robert Downey Junior is one of the top Hollywood actors of present time whom youngsters know as ‘Iron Man’ or ‘Sherlock Holmes’, the characters he played in his recent years movies. He was born at Manhattan, New York on April 4, 1965. He has acting in his blood as he is son of actor and filmmaker Robert Downey, Sr.. His mother Elsie Ann was also an actress who appeared in his father’s films.

Top 10 Robert Downey Jr. Movies That Showcase His Fine Acting Skills

Robert Downey Jr. started to act as a child with his father’s 1970 absurdist comedy movie called ‘Pound’ in which he played Puppy. But that was just a beginning as he got his first lead with Molly Ringwald in The Pick-Up Artist in the year of 1987. The actor has appeared in more than seventy movies and his fans eagerly wait for upcoming Robert Downey Jr. movies after his some latest released blockbuster movies. Now let’s check out what are the best movies of Robert Downey Jr.’s acting career that his true fan must not miss in any case. Following are the ten best Robert Downey Jr. movies according to us, have a look.

Top 10 Robert Downey Jr. Movies of his acting career


01. Chaplin : No doubt this is one of the greatest Robert Downey Jr. movies in which he portrayed very amazing and entertaining role of Charles Chaplin’s world famous ‘Little Tramp’. For his excellent acting in Chaplin he was nominated for the prestigious Oscars Award in the Best Actor category in 1992. As a result of his work Robert Downey Jr. developed his name in the world of cinema. It’s ranking at the top position on to the list of top 10 Robert Downey Jr. movies list 2019.

Top 10 Robert Downey Jr Movies That Showcase His Fine Acting Skills

02. Less Than Zero : In this 1987 American drama film, Robert Downey Jr. extremely well played character of ‘Julian’, a drug addict. Less Than Zero was loosely based on a novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. Moviegoers and critics both praised him for his acting skills he showed in the movie. We recommended this movie all his new fans as they might have not heard of it. Don’t hesitate to put it your own list of top Robert Downey Jr. movies.

03. Richard III : The movie is considered as the best adaptation of Shakespeare’s play of the same name in which Robert Downey Jr. played Earl Rivers, a character which was an amalgamation of three roles from the play. Director Richard Loncraine relocated the play’s event to a fictionalized version of Britain in the time of 1930s. With his acting power Robert Downey Jr. managed to grab attention of some top notch film makers of Hollywood.

04. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang : This 2005 crime-comedy movie not only has an interesting title but also it is full of amazing acting skill of Robert Downey Jr. as he played Harry Lockhart, a thief masquerading as an actor, in it. Because of his powerful dialogue delivery and good piece of acting, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ranks at number four on our list of top ten Robert Downey Jr. Movies 2019. The film was written and directed by Shane Black.

05. Sherlock Holmes : Robert Downey Jr. portrayed title role of fictitious legendary detective Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in this 2009 action mystery film. The film brought positive critical reaction and prasing from moviegoers for his commendable performance for him. He received Golden Globe Award in Best Actor in Comic Role category. Sherlock Holmes peaks at number five on to the top 10 Robert Downey Jr. movies list 2019.

06. Iron Man : Without mentioning name of this movie any list of Robert Downey Jr. movies will be incomplete as this talented actor has given a wonderful cinematic experience to his fans across the globe by playing Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man in it. This blockbuster movie strengthen his position in Hollywood industry and rapidly increased numbers of his fans in all parts of planet earth. Though ‘Iron Man’ is at number six on our list but we higly recommend this film as it is surely one of the best Robert Dawney Jr. movies released so far.

Top 10 Robert Downey Jr Movies That Showcase His Fine Acting Skills

07. Natural Born Killers : It is an American crime movie released in 1994 and was based on Quentin Tarantino’s original screenplay. Entertainment Weekly named this Oliver Stone directed film as eighth most controversial movie of all time in 2006. Robert Downey Jr. portrayed Wayne Gale, a Golden Globe Award winning Australian journalist who claims to be a good friend of Bill Clinton. Give it a watch to see how well this actor can act. It’s ranking at number seven on our list of Top 10 Robert Downey Jr. Movies 2019.

08. Marvel’s The Avengers : In this film, Marvel Studios presented top team of its super heroes including Iron Man, Black Widow, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye. All actors played their parts very well and the film proved to be a worldwide blockbuster hit on box office. It’s good to see sexy Scarlett Johanson as Black Widow along with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man in the film. One of the most liked Robert Downey Jr. movies by film lovers.

09. Zodiac : Robert Downey Jr. played Paul Avery, an American police reporter, in this David Fincher directed movie that tells the story of the manhunt for a notorious serial killer who called himself the “Zodiac”. Grab your own copy of Zodiac’s DVD for your home collection of top Robert Downey Jr. movies. The film here ranks at number nine on our list.

10. Tropic Thunder : For this film Robert Downey Jr. received his second Oscar nomination and this time it was in Best Supporting Actor category. He was cast along with Ben Stiller and Jack Black and played Kirk Lazarus, an immensely talented Australian method actor in this 2008  satirical action comedy movie. List of top ten Robert Downey Jr. ends here. If you want to know about all Robert Downey Jr. movies then check out the list given below.

List of All Robert Downey Jr. Movies 2019

01. Pound — 1970
02. Greaser’s Palace — 1972
03. Moment To Moment — 1975
04. Up The Academy — 1980
05. Baby It’s You — 1983
06. Firstborn — 1984
07. Tuff Turf — 1985
08. Girls Just Want To Have Fun — 1985
09. Weird Science — 1985
10. Deadwait — 1985
11. Back To School — 1986
12. The Pick-Up Artist — 1987
13. Less Than Zero — 1987
14. Johnny Be Good — 1988
15. Rented Lips — 1988
16. 1969 — 1988
17. That’s Adequate — 1989
18. True Believer — 1989
19. Chances Are — 1989
20. Air America — 1990
21. Too Much Sun — 1991
22. Saopdish — 1991
23. Chaplin — 1992
24. Heart And Souls — 1993
25. The Last Party — 1993
26. Short Cuts — 1993
27. Hail Caesar — 1994
28. Natural Born Killers – 1994
29. Only You — 1994
30. Richard III — 1995
31. Home For The Holidays — 1995
32. Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree — 1995
33. Restoration — 1995
34. Danger Zone — 1997
35. One Night Stand — 1997
36. Two Girls And A Guy — 1997
37. Hugo Pool — 1997
38. The Gingerbread Man — 1998
39. U.S. Marshals — 1998
40. In Dreams — 1999
41. Friends & Lovers — 1999
42. Bowfinger — 1999
43. Black And White — 1999
44. Wonder Boys — 2000
45. Lethargy — 2002
46. Whatever We Do — 2003
47. The Singing Detective — 2003
48. Charlie: The Life And Art Of Charles Chaplin — 2003
49. Gothika — 2003
50. Eros — 2004
51. Game 6 — 2005
52. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang — The Outsider
53. Good Night, And Good Luck — 2005
54. Hubert Selby Jr: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow — 2005
55. A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints — 2006
56. The Shaggy Dog — 2006
57. A Scanner Darkly — 2006
58. Fur — 2006
59. Zodiac — 2007
60. Lucky You — 2007
61. Charlie Bartlett — 2008
62. Iron Man — 2008
63. The Incredible Hulk — 2008
64. Tropic Thunder — 2008
65. The Soloist — 2009
66. Sherlock Holmes — 2009
67. Iron Man 2 — 2010
68. Love & Distrust — 2010
69. Due Date — 2010
70. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows — 2011
71. The Avengers — 2012
72. Iron Man 3 — 2013
73. Chef — 2014
74. The Judge — 2014

75. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) : It is the sequel to the Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ released in 2012. Robert Downey Jr. can be seen again as Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man in this super hero brigade flick.

76. Captain America: Civil War (2016) : It’s an American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Captain America (played by Chris Evans), Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.), Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson in important roles. In Captain America: Civil War, Captain America and the Avengers continue to protect the world, but the team becomes fractured into two opposing factions, one led by Captain America and another by Iron Man, after extensive collateral damage prompts politicians to pass an act regulating superhuman activity with government oversight and accountability for the Avengers.

77. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
78. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
79. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

New Robert Downey Upcoming Movies

As we said earlier that the actor has a large number of fans who are eagerly waiting for Upcoming Robert Downey Jr. movies going to release in 2019 so let us tell you about his upcoming projects.

All-Star Weekend (2019)
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (2020)

Keep visiting us regularly as we are determined to update this post with all news and information about new Robert Downey Jr. movies releasing soon.

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