Top 10 Miguel Songs The Best R&B Songs

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Top Ten Miguel Songs – The Best R&B Songs To Listen To

Friends, do you know which music icon used to listen older R&B music along with his mother in his childhood days? As many of you know that we are talking about the new wave of Pop and R&B music, Miguel Jontel Pimentel better known as Miguel in the music world. This American music artist is not just a famous pop R&B singer but also known as a good Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Dancer and Musician too. His musical tastes in funk, hip-hop, jazz and classical rock was given to him by his father.There are many top Miguel Songs liked by extensive number of his fans across the globe.

Top 10 Miguel Songs The Best R&B Songs

Before we tell you about ten Miguel Songs which are the best songs by Miguel, let’s talk about how musical journey of this superb R&B singer started. Miguel started his musical career in 2002, but his debut studio album “All I Want is You” was released in 2010. Due to some legal issues with his recording company it was delayed for two years. Earlier he was working on his first studio album “Young & Free”, which was scheduled to be released in Nov. 2006, but some how it was postponed by the recording company. Miguel’s voice is influenced by classical rock bands.

Here we are sharing List of Top 10 Miguel Songs based on the performance, lyrics, music and video of the songs of Miguel, check it out.

List of Top 10 Miguel Songs 2019


1. Adorn – The first single of Miguel’s second studio album “Kaleidoscope Dream”, which ws released in 2012. Adorn was written and produced by Miguel. The song peaked at number one on Bollboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop and number seventeen on Billboard Hot 100 songs charts. Miguel was inspired by his dreams which he experienced before he wrote this song. For this song Miguel won his first Grammy Award in Best R&B Song category. This is certainly the best song by Miguel and that’s why it is ranking at number one on to the top 10 Miguel Songs list made by us.

2. Sure Thing – Miguel written this song along with his younger brother Jawan Harris, who is also a R&B singer. He wrote the lyrics to show the similarities between him and his girlfriend who perfect they were for each other. The video was filmed in Honplulu, Hawaii. This R&B, Neo Soul song was peaked at number one on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. Pusha T was featured in the official remix of this song. On our List Of Top 10 Miguel Songs, Sure Thing peaks at number two.

3. How Many Drinks? – This R&B song was released as single form his second studio album. Miguel was the co-writer of this lovely song. In this song he express his feelings towards a girl whom he is too shy to chat up. After a few drinks he would ready to do so. In the video he performed this song on a stage holding a mic in his hands. The remix song featured on Kandrick Lamar. This song peaked at number twenty four on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart but here on number three on the list of top ten Miguel Songs.

4. Do You… – Miguel released this song in Sep. 2012 as second single of his second studio album “Kaleidoscope Dream”. He was the co-writer & co-producer of this pop rock song. This song driven on a very soft guitar rhythm, which makes it very romantic. In the video of this song Miguel and his real life girlfriend Nazanin Mandi, both were on a warm date in Las Vegas.

5. #Beautiful – Miguel recorded this song along with American singer Mariah Carey as the lead single from Carey’s fourteenth studio album “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse”. He was the co-writer and co-producer of this mid tempo R&B Soul song. #Beautiful peaked at  number fifteen on Billboard Hot 100. In the video Miguel is featured driving a bike and Carey riding on the back of bike with her open arms. Don’t miss this beautiful song as its on number five on top 10 Miguel Songs list.

Top 10 Miguel Songs The Best R&B Songs


Top 10 Miguel Songs List continues…

6. Lotus Flower Bomb – This song was released as the lead single from American Hip-Hop recording artist Wale’s second studio album “Ambition”. The song featured Miguel. This was nominated for Best Rap Song at 55th Grammy Awards. The video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. It was peaked at number one on U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. This R&B Hip-Hop song is at number six on Top 10 Miguel Songs List made by us.

7. Power Trip – A song by American Hip Hop recording artist and producer J. Cole released in Feb. 2013 as lead single from his second studio album “Born Sinner” featuring Miguel. It peaked at number five on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and easily made its way to seventh position on our list of top ten Miguel Songs 2019.

8. Quickie – This song was released in June 2011, as third single of Miguel’s first studio album “All I Want Is You”, and successfully made its place at number eight on to top 10 Miguel Songs List. This R&B song peaked at number three in Billboard Hot R&B/Hp-Hop songs chart. It features a low-tempo, reggae accented guitar. The video shot in a classic black & white theme with the sensuality of the song. It featured Miguel performing in a house with girls.

9. Where’s The Fun In Forever – This is the 8th single of Miguel’s second studio album “Kaleidoscope Dream”. He wrote this song along with Alicia Keys, Felder, Wansel, Mostyn and Pimentel. The song celebrates youthful bliss and preach of enjoy the day philosophy. Alicia Keys also provided her vocals in background of the song along with Miguel. It is ranking at number nine on the list of Top 10 Miguel Songs 2019.

10. All I Want Is You – This song was released as lead single of his first studio album in May 2010. Miguel is also the co-writer of this R&B, Neo-Soul song. It peaked at number seven on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. The video starts with the upper view of buildings of a city. The song features on American rapper J. Cole, who performed with a girl. This songs is last but not the least on the list of top ten Miguel Songs.

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