Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

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Ten Top Highest Paid Hollywood Actors in 2014

If you are a crazy fan of Hollywood movies then we have something interesting for you which is none other than list of top 10 Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood. The reason of huge popularity of Hollywood movies in world cinema is their outstanding graphic, special effects and breath taking fight sequences.

Earlier Hollywood movies and Hollywood actors were famous in America only but now both are famous across the globe, including India too. It may surprise many of you but it’s true that there is a great demand of Hollywood films in India as Indian viewers who are great fan of Bollywood movies, are going to multiplexes to watch Hollywood flicks. Box office collection of Hollywood movies are far far higher than any other film industry of the world.

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Generally the budget of Hollywood films are very high and that’s is the biggest reason that Hollywood superstars are highly paid Hollywood actors. Some of the top most highly paid actors of Hollywood are Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, Johny Depp, Adam Sandler, Sacha Baron, Ben Stiller etc. We know you are real crazy fan of top Hollywood actors so below is the list of top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors so check out yourself the list of top paid actors in Hollywood.

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

01. Tom Cruise: $75 Million
Tom Cruise is the one who is leading list of top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors as he has received a hugh salary of $75 millions and the interesting fact is that he received this amount for the a single movie, ‘War of the worlds’. The soul reason for his high fees is his immense popularity and that too in the age of fifty years. While Cruise’s personal life might be on a downward spiral, his professional life has hit an all time high.

List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

It’s a great achievement of Tom Cruise that from no where close to the Top 5 positions on last year’s Top 10 Highest Paid Actors list, Tom has cruised his way to the Number 1 ranking with staggering $75 million in the last year. All his fans are happy as The Mission: Impossible actor, and superstar dad to the world’s most stylish kid, yet successfully managed to earn a cool $75 million in his fifties.

02. Leonardo DiCaprio: $37 Million
Losing out on the top position from last year, the J Edgar star Leonardo DiCaprio is still one of the very few actors who can demand a $20 million payment for serious movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

Though his last film, J. Edgar, was neither a critical nor a commercial success. J Edgar, directed by Clint Eastwood grossed $80 million at the global box office and failed to win any major Oscar. Up next for DiCaprio is a 3-D version of The Great Gatsby.

03. Adam Sandler: $37 Million
His movies may be criticized by film critics but a segment of the public usually fond of them and loves to watch them in theaters. Grown Ups, a 2010 movie by Adam Sandler earned just a 10 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes but it was proved to be his highest-grossing movie of all time.

Hollywood actor Adam Sandler in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

He played a man and his twin sister in 2011 movie Jack and Jill which earned $180 million. And through the last year he made $37 million and ranking in the list of highest paid Hollywood actors in 2014.

04. Dwyane Johnson: $36 Million
Almost making a comeback with blockbuster Fast Five, Dwayne Johnson, the actor who formerly known as The Rock, successfully made $36 million in the last year. We can call Johnson a real franchise saver as 2011’s ‘Fast and Furious’ featuring Dwayne Johnson become the franchise’s highest-grossing movie. Another big thing is GI Joe in 3-D in which he is ready to rock you again.

Dwyane Johnson in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

05. Ben Stiller: $33 million
Ben Stiller, one of the highest-paid comedians of Hollywood, is ranking at number four in the list of top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors.

Ben Stiller in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

He is known for ‘Meet the Parents’ and ‘Night at the Museum’ movies bring in tons of US dollars while Madagascar, his animated franchise, managed to gross $1.6 billion at the box office globally.

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors List 2014 continues…

06. Sacha Baron Cohen: $30 million
though he made $30 million in the last year and now ranking in the list of highest paid Hollywood actors 2014 but The Dictaor star Cohen couldn’t make a place in Forbs Celebrity 100 list as this list measures a combination of fame & money and Sacha rarely makes an appearance for press.

Sacha Baron Cohen in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

The one and only way you could recognize this actor is via his character portrayals of Ali G, Bruno and Borat.

07. Johnny Depp: $30 million
Like Tom Cruise, Johny Depp is also gone through a painful public split with his wife though his relationship woes won’t hurt his magic at box office.

Johny Depp in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

Depp is the only actor who star in 3 movies which crossed the $1 billion benchmark globally. he will be seen in his next The Lone Ranger as Tonto.  It’s good to see him ranking in the 2014 highest paid Hollywood actors list.

08.  Will Smith: $30 million
Will Smith made a comeback to the silver screen in a big way this summer with MIB franchise, ‘Men in Black 3’, which successfully grossed $600 million at the box office globally and made his entry in the list of top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors list 2014.

Will Smith in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

Sci-fi flick ‘After Earth’ is his next big film. Smith will star in the film with his son Jayden who is now arguably more famous than his dad.

09. Mark Wahlberg: $27 million
By his hard work Wahlberg has gradually become one of Hollywood’s most desirable actors. He proved his talent in serious roles like Micky Ward in ‘The Fighter’.

Mark Wahlberg in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

Wahlberg’s recently released comedy film, Ted, proved to be a surprise box office hit grossing $54 million in opening weekend.

10. Taylor Lautner: $26.5 million
Though Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, his Twilight costar, earned the same amount of money last year but through his movie Abduction he managed to rank in the list of highest paid Hollywood actors 2014.

Taylor Lautner in the List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014

So this was the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014, keep visiting the site for more Latest Hollywood News

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