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10 Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift, a famous American Country Pop singer, was born on 13th of December, 1989. She is such a multi-talented artist that she is not only famous among her worldwide fans for the singles she sang, but also well known as a good song-writer, actress and a philanthropist. At the age of fourteen she started her career in Country & Pop music. She has an innocent face like Britney Spears.

10 Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs

The seven times Grammy Award winner singer’s vocal style is sweet and soft which creates the magical effect on the listeners. Taylor Swift made her debut in film industry in 2010 with a comedy film “Valentine’s Day”. She played the role of a ditzy girlfriend of a high school boy.

No one writes heartbreak songs better then her as Break Up Taylor Swift Songs are very much popular. Many of her fans like this diva for Taylor Swift Country Songs. Christmas Songs by Taylor Swift are good to listen on the occasion of this festival. Let’s see what are Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs given below.

List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2019


1. Love Story- This romantic song was released on September 2012 as the lead single from Taylor Swift’s second studio album Fearless. This country pop song is about a girl who loved a boy, but her family doesn’t like him. Lyrics were written by Taylor Swift which were inspired by a plot of very famous novel “Romeo and Juliet” of William Shakespeare.   The video featured Swift and her lover in to the earlier era, seemingly 18th century. It peaked at number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The catchy melody and hunting lyrics propelled the song to number one and here it is also ranking at number one on to the List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2019.

2. You Belong With Me – This song was released on 18th April, 2009 as the third single from her second album. It is co-written by Taylor Swift along with Liz Rose. Lyrics express the desire of Swift for an out of reach love interest. One day Taylor saw her friend arguing with his girlfriend and these real incidents become the inspiration for Swift to write this song. She played a double role of Protagonist and Antagonist in the music video. You belongs to me peaked at number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and surely one of best Taylor Swift Songs 2019.

3. Mean – This song was written by Taylor Swift as the third single for her third studio album “Speak Now”. Lyrics of this song are very personal to Swift as she wrote the song to get back at critics, who were a little too harsh on her. In 2012 she won two Grammy Awards for Mean in the categories of Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance. The video filmed at a stage which set up like a farmhouse. Swift featured along with her band that were playing banjo guitar and dressed in vintage inspired clothes. Mean is peaking at number three on our list of top ten Taylor Swift Songs 2019.

4. I Knew You Were Trouble – This song was released in October 2012 as the third single from her fourth studio album named “Red”. This electro-pop song was co-written by Taylor Swift. The lyrics of this song are about how a good love relationship has ended. This song debuted at number three on Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. As a fan we bet you can’t miss it as it peaks on 4th position on Top Ten Taylor Swift Songs list 2019.

5. Teardrops On My Guitar – This song is at number five on our list of Top 10 Taylor swift Songs and it was the breakthrough song by which Swift gained a worldwide popularity and fame. This country pop song is about her high school crush, who never knows about her unspoken affection for him. In this heartbreak song, Taylor Swift expressed her true emotions and sentiments towards her first crush.

10 Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs

List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2019 continues…

6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – It is definitely one of the top Taylor Swift Songs. Lyrically this song is about the frustrations towards her ex-lover, who wants to start again their relations. In the video swift were in her house thinking of her past relations with her ex-boyfriend.

7. Our Song – Taylor Swift wrote this song for a talent show of her freshman year in high school. She took this as the third single of her self -titled debut studio album.  Lyrically this romantic song is about a couple, in which the girl wants to have their own love song. In the video swift filmed in a very strange manner in her bedroom having conversation on phone. Our Song peaked at number seven on our list of top ten Taylor Swift Songs 2019.

8. Mine – This country pop song was released in August 2010, as the lead single of swift’s third album named “Speak Now”. She wrote this song in the memory of her unnamed crush and explained why she run from love, after seen many relationships end in goodbye and breakups. In the video story starts with swift, was in a romantic relationship with her lover and ends with a marriage. Also she co-produced it with Nathan Chapman.

9. Back To December – This song released in November, 2010 as the second single from swift’s third studio album named “Speak Now”. The lyrics written by swift are about her apology and request for forgiveness for breaking up with her boyfriend. The video starts with her boyfriend walking alone in a snowy football ground. Swift is in her house brooding and singing this song. The song falls in the category of romantic Taylor Swift songs 2019.

10. Today Was A Fairytale – Taylor swift acted in a film named “Valentine’s Day”. The song was released in January 2010 as a single from the corresponding soundtrack of this film. She wrote this country pop song alone and co-produced it with Nathan Chapman. Lyrically it describes a magical date of a princess. It peaks at the tenth position on our list but one of popular Taylor Swift songs 2019.

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