New Katy Perry Songs 2020 And Top 10 Hits That Will Make You Her Fan

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Katy Perry Songs 2020 and new album releases:

Katy Perry is a hot American singer-songwriter, and actress who was born and brought up as Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson at Santa Barbara, in California. Her date of birth is on 25th October, 1984. She has got Portuguese, Irish, German and English ancestry from her parents, Keith Hudson & Mary Hudson. All Katy Perry Songs has a great influence of Gospel music as she grew up with it.

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Today she has become a big name in international music, but in her teen days, she was not allowed to watch cable channels MTV and VH1. So you like to listen to Katy Perry songs like millions of her fans do. Wide Awake, a recent Katy Perry song, has created a buzz over internet. Apart from music Katy Perry is famous for her make-up, hairstyle, dresses and fashion, and also for her breasts. Katy Perry’s music has influence of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Shirley Manson, Pat Benatar, and Joan Jett. Her hot and sexy unconventional dressing style made her extremely famous among music press and fans. Here we have got a list of Katy Perry songs 2020 for all her fans.

Katy Perry learned Italian Opera at ‘Music Academy of the West’ in Santa Barbara for a short period of time. In the first year of high school, Katy Perry changed her name to Katy Hudson and released her self-titled debut album. Unfortunately it couldn’t top to the charts. Later in 2007, she recorded a solo album. After seven years, she changed her name to a new stage name Katy Perry as Katy Hudson was very similar to film actress Kate Hudson. She opted for a new surname ‘Perry’ as it was her mother’s maiden name.

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Hot Katy Perry was featured as ‘Next Big Thing’ by Blender magazine, and she made her place on the cover page of 15 famous magazines. She openly supports gay community like Lady Gaga. Her voice is very much similar to British singer Lily Allen.

Katy Perry Controversies

She grew up as a church going christian girl, but two of Katy Perry songs, ‘I Kissed a Girl’, and ‘Ur So Gay were cited as homophobic songs for which she was criticized. Again she was criticized for her publicity photo shoot with a switchblade by Anti-knife campaigners for glamorizing knives. Rihanna and Katy Perry were involved in a twitter banter but now it seems they are back in good terms.

She was involved in a controversy with British singer Lily Allen, later Perry apologized to her. Below is the list of Katy Perry songs 2020 for you, check it out.

Top 10 Katy Perry Songs 2020

  1. Teenage Dream
  2. Roar
  3. Wide Awake
  4. California Gurls
  5. Firework
  6. Trust In Me
  7. I Kissed A Girl
  8. Extraterrestrial (E.T.)
  9. Peacock
  10. Pearl

List of Katy Perry Songs 2020 New Releases

  • Hey Hey Hey
  • Cozy Little Christmas
  • Bon Appétit ~ featuring Migos
  • Swish Swish featuring Nicki Minaj
  • Chained to the Rhythm ~ featuring Skip Marley
  • Rise
  • Roar  ~  (Katy Perry New Songs)
  • Dark Horse  ~ feat. Juicy J
  • Birthday
  • Unconditionally
  • This Is How We Do
  • Every Day Is a Holiday
  • Legendary Lovers
  • Walking On Air
  • International Smile
  • Ghost  ~  (Katy Perry New Songs)
  • Love Me
  • This Moment
  • Double Rainbow
  • By The Grace Of God
  • Trust in Me
  • Teenage Dream
  • Circle the Drain
  • Last Call — (Katy Perry Songs List)
  • Growing Pains
  • Spit
  • Walking on Air
  • Search Me
  • My Own Monster
  • When There’s Nothing Left
  • Naturally — (Katy Perry Songs List)
  • Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
  • Ur So Gay
  • Faith Won’t Fail (Katy Perry Songs 2020)
  • Waking Up in Vegas
  • Who Am I Living For?
  • Piercing — (Katy Perry Songs List)
  • Firework
  • Not Like the Movies
  • If You Can Afford Me
  • Peacock
  • Not Like the Movies
  • Circle the Drain
  • The One That Got Away
  • E.T.
  • California Gurls – featuring Snoop Dogg
  • Hummingbird Heartbeat
  • Pearl
  • One of the Boys
  • I Kissed a Girl
  • Hot n Cold
  • Thinking of You
  • I’m Still Breathing
  • Ur So Gay
  • Mannequin
  • Lost
  • Self Inflicted
  • Fingerprints

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Katy Perry Music Videos 2020

  • The Box – as Katheryn Perry
  • Teenage Dream
  • Simple – as Katheryn Perry
  • Ur So Gay
  • Wide Awake
  • I Kissed a Girl
  • E.T. – featuring Kanye West
  • Hot n Cold
  • The One That Got Away

After her third studio album Teenage Dream, Katy Perry hasn’t released any new album. All her fans are waiting for new songs by Katy Perry. As soon Katy Perry new album songs will be released, we will add them to the list. Till then why don’t you enjoy the list of Katy Perry songs 2020 and pay some more visits for latest Katy Perry news and updates.

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