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A good workout for few months can turn your normal body in good shape and for a regular workout session all you need is Top Workout Songs to get into mood. As we all know “No Pain No Gain” then how can one possess great physic without sweaty workout regime at gym or health center. To forget pain of workout and boost yourself for more and more all you need is best workout songs. So here we would like to introduce some perfect songs to play during your workout.

Top Workout Songs Playlist

But before we move to your desired Workout Songs list think that do you really love to workout or just doing it to get a nice body to show off the world. Your body is your temple so do it for yourself first as we all know we can live a wealthy life happily only with a healthy body. Now let’s move to top workout songs list that contains right sort of music for great workout session. you can shuffle these songs and can have a different workout songs playlist for every day of a week.

List of Top Workout Songs For Men 2019


Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough ~~ Michael Jackson
Get Your Hands Off My Woman ~~ The Darkness
Rouges ~~ Incubus
Joker And The Thief ~~ Wolfmother
Rock And Roll ~~ Led Zeplin
Victory ~~ Puff Daddy featuring Notorious B.I.G.
Don’t Stop Believin ~~ Journey
Seven Nation Army ~~ The White Stripes
Bulls On Parade ~~ Rage Against The Machine
Start Me Up ~~ Rolling Stone
Ain’t Talking Bout Love ~~ Van Halen
Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag ~~ Marilyn Manson
Iron Man ~~ Black Sabbath
Bed Rock ~~ Young Money
My Body ~~ Young The Giant
I Want It All ~~ Queen

Best Workout Songs For Women 2019

Top Workout Songs Playlist

Hush Hush, Hush Hush ~~ Pussy Cat Dolls
Like It ~~ Narcotic Thrust
Poker face ~~ Lady Gagy
Roar ~~ Katy Perry
Single ladies (put A Ring On It) ~~ Beyonce
Shut Up And Let Me Go ~~ The Ting Tings
Till I Collapse ~~ Eminem
It’s Raining Men ~~ Weather Girls
Sexy Eyes ~~ Whighfield
Crazy Love ~~ Beyonce
I Am Slave For You ~~ Britney Spears
Le Marche De La Lune ~~ Outfly
Bawtidaba ~~ Kid Rock
All-American Girl ~~ Carrie Underwood

List of Top Workout Songs Of All Time

Life Is A Highway ~~ Rascal Flatts
The Choice Is Yours ~~ Black Sheep
You Know My Name ~~ Chris Cornell
I Kissed A Girl ~~ Katy Perry
Amerika ~~ Rammstein
Loser ~~ Beck
Bust A Move ~~ Young MC
Don’t Phunk With My HeartĀ  ~~ The Black Eyed Peas
Blitzkrieg ~~ Metallica
Faint ~~ Linkin Park
Break Stuff ~~ Limp Bizkit
Bad Romance ~~ Lady Gaga
The New Workout Plan ~~ Kanye West
Remember The Name ~~ Fort Minor
Somewhere I Belong ~~ Linkin Park
Hey Boy Hey Girl ~~ Chemical Brothers
Turn Me On ~~ Nicki Minaj
Highway To Hell ~~ AC/DC
Mony Mony ~~ Bill Idol
The Wicker ManĀ  ~~ Iron Maiden
Paparazzi ~~ Lady Gaga
I’m So Paid REMIX ~~ Lil Wayne
Dirty Little Secret ~~ The All-American Rejects
Beat It ~~ Michael Jackson
Sexyback ~~ Justin Timberlake
Real Slim Shaddy ~~ Eminem
My Hump ~~ The Black Eyed Peas
Rock Your Bosy ~~ Justin Timberlake
Right Here Right Now ~~ Fatboy Slim
In Da Club ~~ 50 Cent
Like A Prayer ~~ Madonna
Harder To Breathe ~~ Maroon 5
Empire State Of Mind ~~ Jay Z

All songs for workout can’t be included in this top workout songs list 2019 but we can assure you to add many of them to our workout songs playlist along with upcoming new workout songs in 2019. Till then friends sweat a little more at your favorite place for exercise and burn some extra calories on great workout songs 2019.

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