All Penelope Cruz Movies List With Her Top 10 Movies

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Top 10 Penelope Cruz Movies – Complete Filmography and Biography

When we hear name of Penelope Cruz, image of her beautiful face and sexy smile comes in front of our eyes. Very few of you may know that this Spanish actress and model started her career in her tender teen years when she was signed by an agent at the age of fifteen. Within a year Penelope Cruz debuted on small screen by appearing on an erotic TV series called Elle et lui. She played Javotte in it.

Following year, when she was seventeen made her acting debut in films through her debut movie, “Jamón, Jamón”. She received broadly favorable reviews from critics for portrayal of Silvia in it, specially for her physical appeal. Here we will tell you all Penelope Cruz Movies but before that let us tell you a little more about this mesmerizing beauty popularly known as Penelope Cruz.

All Penelope Cruz Movies List With Her Top 10 Movies

Penelope Cruz is one of talented actresses of Hollywood films and all her fans wait for upcoming Penelope Cruz movies across the globe. She was born as Penélope Cruz Sánchez to Spanish parents, Eduardo Cruz and Encarna Sánchez on 28 April 1974, at Alcobendas of Madrid city in Spain. Her father was a retailer and auto mechanic where as her mother was a hairdresser and personal manager.

Initially, Penelope Cruz did not wish to become an actress as she was more into dance and learnt classical ballet at Spain’s National Conservatory for whole 9 years. At the age of ten, Cruz fall in love with movies and used to watch movies on Betamax machine her father brought for her. It was Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s movie ‘Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down’ that increased her interest in acting.

10 Best Penelope Cruz Movies 2019


Penelope Cruz has appeared in more than 50 movies but firstly we are going to tell you about only top ten Penelope Cruz movies.

01. All About My Mother (1999)
02. Belle Epoque (The Age of Beauty) (1992)
03. Volver (2006)
04. Vicky Christina Barcelona
05. Embraces (2009)
06. Bandidas (2006)
07. Open Your Eyes (1997)
08. Live Flesh (1998)
09. Jamón Jamón (1991)
10. Elegy (2008)

In all these top 10 Penelope Cruz movies given above, All About My Mother is her highest rated movie. In Vicky Cristina Barcelona, she was cast along with Scarlett Johansson and won Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2008 along with many other awards. For ‘Volver’ she received nomination of Academy Award for Best Actress category but couldn’t win it.

In Bandidas, Penelope Cruz and Latina heartthrob Salma Hayek played indie Western Bandidas. Cruz portrayed Maria Alvarez, a village girl who teams up with Sara (Salma Hayek) to take revenge of her father’s death.

List of Penelope Cruz Movies 2019


Jamón, jamón – 1992 – Silvia
Belle Europe – 1992 – Luz
For Love, Only For Love – 1993 – Mary
The Greek Labyrinth – 1993 – Elise
The Rebel – 1993 – Enza
Alegre Ma Non Troppo – 1994 – Salome
Todo Es Mentira – 1994 – Lucia
Entre Rojas – 1995 – Lucia
El Efecto Mariposa – 1995 – Party Guest
La Celestina – 1996 – Melibea
Brujas – 1996 – Patricia
Más que amor, frenesí (Not Love Just Frenzy) – 1996 – Diana
Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health – Diana
Open Your Eyes – 1997 – Sofia
Live Flesh – 1997 – Isabel Plaza Caballero
Et Horne Af Paradis – 1997 – Helena
The Girl Of Your Dreams – 1998 – Macarena
Talk Of Angeles – 1998 – Pilar
The Hi-Lo Country – 1998 – Josepha
Don Juan – 1998 – Mathurine
All About My mother – 1999 – Maria Rosa Sanz
Twice Upon A Yesterday – 1999 – Louise
All The Pretty Horses – 2000 – Alejandra Villarreal
Woman On Top – 2000 – Isabella Oliveira
Blow – 2001 – Mirtha Jung
Don’t Tempt Me – 2001 – Carmen Ramos
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – 2001 – Pelagia
Vanilla Sky – 2001 – Sofia Serrano
Waking Up In Reno – 2002 – Brenda
Fanfan La Tulipe – Adeline La Franchise
Gothika – 2003 – Chloe Sava
Head In The Clouds – 2004 – Mia
Noel – 2004 – Nina Vasquez
Don’t Movie – 2004 – Italia
Sahara – 2005 – Eva Rojas
Chromophobia – 2005 – Gloria
Bandidas – 2006 – Maria Alvarez
Volver – 2006 – Raimunda
Manolete (A Matador’s Mistress) – 2007 – Antonita Sino
The Good Night – 2007 – Anna
Elegy – 2008 – Consuela Castillo
Vicky Cristina Barcelona – 2008 – Maria Elena
G-Force – 2009 – Juarez
Broken Embraces – 2009 – Magdalena
Nine – 2009 – Carla Albanese
Sex And The City 2 – 2010 – Carmen Garcia Garron
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – 2011 – Angelica
To Rome With Love – 2012 – Anna
Venuto Al Mondo – 2012 – Gemma
I’m So Excited – 2013 – Jessica
The Counselor – 2013 – Laura
The Boxtrolls – 2014 – Winnie Portley-Rind {Voice only (Spanish dubbing) }
Ma Ma – 2014 – Magda
Zoolander 2 – 2016 – Valentina Valencia
Grimsby – 2016 – Rhonda George
The Queen of Spain – 2016 – Macarena Granada
Loving Pablo – 2017 – Virginia Vallejo
Murder on the Orient Express – 2017 – Pilar Estravados
Everybody Knows – 2018 – Laura
Dolor y gloria – 2019 – Jacinta

New Penelope Cruz Upcoming Movies 2019

Wasp Network: – It’s an upcoming drama film written and directed by Olivier Assayas. It stars Pedro Pascal, Édgar Ramírez, Penélope Cruz, Wagner Moura, Gael García Bernal, Adria Arjona, and Ana de Armas.

355 :- It’s an upcoming spy film directed by Simon Kinberg, from a screenplay by Theresa Rebeck and Simon Kinberg. The film stars Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Fan Bingbing, Lupita Nyong’o and Diane Kruger.

All Penelope Cruz Movies List With Her Top 10 Movies

Penelope Cruz is very talented actress and because of her superb acting skill she won Academy Award for Vicky Christina Barcelona. She is the first Spanish actress who received this prestigious award for acting. In short span of time in Hollywood, she managed to land roles opposite big stars such as Matt Damon and Tom Cruise. Penelope Cruz was in a relationship with Tom Cruise for three years after they acted together in Vanilla Sky. Pay a quicker visit for more updates and information about new Penelope Cruz movies 2019.

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