12 Best French Movies List That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Top 12 French Movies List

It is known to everyone that France is also known as ‘cultural capital of the world’ for art, literature and philosophy. When it comes to movies, no doubt French movies are also very much popular and worshiped by true cinema lovers. Claude Chabrol, Francois Tryffaut, Jean Renoir, Jacques Tati and Jean-Luc Godard are counted in the list of top noch French directors across the globe.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Here we present a list of French movies you must not miss in any case.

12 Best French Movies List


01. Amélie :- It’s a 2001 rom-com french film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The film essays the story of a shy waitress called Amélie Poulain who tries to change the lives of people around her for the better, while struggling with her own isolation. talented French actress Audrey Tautou beautifully portrayed lead role of Amélie.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Amélie was nominated for many awards including five Academy Award nominations. It won Best Film at the European Film Awardsalong with two BAFTA Awards and four César Awards. We hope that Amelie Poulain’s quest of searching happiness by helping those around her will surely make you smile.

02. Jules et Jim (Jules and Jim) :- It’s a 1962 French film which was set around the time of World War I.  François Truffaut directed ‘Jules and Jim’ tells a tragic love triangle.

Jules et Jim was based on Henri-Pierre Roché’s 1953 semi-autobiographical novel describing his relationship with young writer Franz Hessel and Helen Grund, whom Hessel married. Henri Serre played Jim and Oskar Werner played Jules. Jeanne Moreau portrayed Catherine in the film.

03. La Vie en Rose :- It’s a 2007 French biographical musical French movie directed by Oliver Dahan. The film is about the life of French singer Édith Piaf which was portrayed by Marion Cotillard in the film.

When you watch the film you will find largely non-linear series of key events from the life of Édith Piaf. The movie starts with elements from Piaf’s childhood, and at the end with the events prior to and surrounding her death, poignantly juxtaposed by a performance of her song, “Non, je ne regrette rien”.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Marion Cotillard won seven major Best Actress Awards for her portrayal of Édith Piaf including The Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

04. Paris, je t’aime (Paris, I Love You) :- This 2006 anthology film consists of 20 short films set in City of Love ‘Paris’. In this two-hour movie, 22 talented directors of world showcased magic of film craft so well that you will definitely fall in love with this master piece.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

After success of “Paris, je t’aime”, a similarly structured film called New York, I Love You, focusing on life in that city, was released in 2009.

05. Tomboy :- Céline Sciamma directed this French drama film depicts the story of ten year old transgender child Laurae  who, after moving with her family to a new neighborhood introduces herself to her new friends as Mikäel.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Zoé Héran superbly portrayed Laure/Mickäel in the film. We recommend this movie to you if see tender exploration of childhood gender confusion and crippling nature of societal norms. Surely deserves to be in the top 12 French Movies list 2016.

06. La vie d’Adèle (Blue Is The Warmest Colour) :- This 2013 French film is a romantic coming-of-age drama movie starring Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos in key roles. Abdellatif Kechiche directed ‘Blue Is the Warmest Colour’ revolves around a French teenager Adèle (Exarchopoulos) who discovers desire and freedom when a blue-haired aspiring painter (Seydoux) enters her life.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Performance of lead actors is so powerful that viewers feel connected to  Adèle and Emma’s love affair and their eventual parting of ways.

07. Persepolis :- This 2007 French-Iranian-American animated movie based on an autobiographical graphic novel of the same name by Marjane Satrapi. It was directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Persepolis tells story of Marjane Satrapi, a young girl as she comes of age against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution. The title is a reference to the historic city of Persepolis.

08. Une vie de chat (A Cat in Paris) :- This 2010 French animated movie tells the story of a young mute Persian girl Nico whose pet cat Dino leads her to unravel a thrilling mystery over the course of a single evening.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Great graphics of this academy Award nominated film keep viewers holding on to the edge of their seats. It deserves to be here on to the list of 12 top French Movies 2016.

09. Mon Oncle (My Uncle) :- It’s a good comedy movie by French filmmaker Jacques Tati that won him the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in the year of 1958.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

This witty satire piece mainly revolves around  socially awkward yet lovable Monsieur Hulot and his quixotic struggle with postwar France’s infatuation with modernism. There is also Hulot’s heartwarming relationship with his nine-year-old nephew Gérard Arpel.

10. Pierrot le Fou (Pierrot the madman) :- This 1965 French movie stars Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo in lead roles. Pierrot The madman was based on Lionel White’s 1962 novel ‘Obsession’.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

The film essays the story of a man and a woman on a cross country odyssey. It is one of the best movies of Jean-Paul Belmondo.

11. Les Quatre Cents Coups (The 400 Blows) :- This 1959 French drama movie is the debut film of director François Truffaut. It is counted as one of the defining films of the French New Wave.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

The 400 Blows is the story of a 13-year-old wild child Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) who becomes a victim of circumstances at home and at school, and eventually gets sent to a Juvenile Detention Facility.

12. Hiroshima mon amour (Hiroshima My Love) :- Alain Resnais directed this 1959 French movie which is the documentation of an intensely personal conversation between a French-Japanese couple about memory and forgetfulness.

12 Best French Movies List That You Don't Want To Miss

Hiroshima mon amour has a unique nonlinear storyline with miniature flashbacks. It stars Emmanuelle Riva and Eiji Okada in lead roles.

Though there are lots of great French movies but these are twelve movies that surely deserve to be part of any list of top French movies and highly recommended for you if you want to see good French cinema.

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