Parineeti Chopra New Movies in 2014

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Parineeti Chopra Movies 2014

With sweet smile and simple Indian girl looks, Parineeti Chopra became part of Bollywood in 2011, generated a decent fan following with her strong screen presence. Parineeti Chopra is an Indian actress, born on 12th of May 1988 in a Hindu Punjabi family to Pawan Chopra and Reena Chopra in Ambala, Haryana. Her cousin Priyanka Chopra is also an actress and a big name in Hindi Film Industry.

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra is a bold actress and ready to don bikini or performing hot kissing scenes on silver screen if it’s demand of the script. She never wanted to be an actress as she used to dislike actor. Her childhood dream was to become an investment banker, not an actress. To pursue her dream, Parineeti Chopra took admission in Manchester Business School, UK and earned a triple honors degree in Economics, Business and Finance streams. But destiny had some other plans for her, so due to economic recession od in 2009, Parineeti Chopra returned back to India and joined Yash Raj Films as a PR consultant.

At Yash Raj Films, she met director Maneesh Sharma who asked her to give audition for his upcoming film. When producer Aditya Chopra saw the audition tapes, he got impressed by her phenomenal performance and signed for the role of Dimple Chaddha in ladies V/S Ricky Bahl. Although it was just a supporting role, but she did it so well that mostly all film critics appreciated her performance. Parineeti Chopra won many Best Female Debut Awards, such as Best Female Debut Filmfare Award, and Best Female Debut Zee Cine Award etc.

parineeti chopra hot new movie ishaqzaade 2012

After this success her second film Ishaqzaade, second film of her career, came in her way when Yash Raj Films cast her as Zoya, first lead female role of Parineeti Chopra, in their new movie Ishaqzaade, opposite newcomer Arjun kapoor, son of a film producer Boney Kapoor. Ishaqzaade was a hit on box office. Parineeti Chopra was praised for superb performance as Zoya. She had some very intimate scenes with Arjun kapoor in the movie.

Parineeti Chopra Movies List 2014

Hasi Toh Fansi (2014)

Parineeti was cast opposite Siddharth Malhotra in this film.

Shuddh Desi Romance (2013)

After Ishaqzaade, Parineeti Chopra once again did bold scenes in Shuddh Desi Romance. Shushant Singh Rajput was his co-star in the film.

Ishaqzaade (2012)

Ishaqzaade is the love story of Parma Chauhan (Arjun Kapoor) and Zoya Qureshi (Parineeti Chopra), two defiant, rebellious individuals who belong to two political rival families. Parma is son of a widow and grand son of politician Surya Chauhan whereas Zoya is daughter of politician Aftab Qureshi. Zoya is outspoken, bold and want to be a politician like her father. During elections, Zoya and Parma have fight at college. Parma urinates on the poster of her father so angry Zoya slaps him and demands sorry.

parineeti chopra arjun kapoor in ishaqzaade new movie 2012

This incident changes view of Parma about fearless Zoya, he says sorry to Zoya and she too falls in love with him. He marries Zoya in secret and left her after getting physical with her. It was just his plan to take revenge of Zoya’s slap. Zoya hates him and decides to kill him. She reaches his home but caught by Parma’s mother. Zoya tells her how Parma played a dirty game against her. Surya Chauhan finds out that Zoya is in his house. He tries to shoot her but Perma’s mother comes in between and dies. After death of his mother, Parma realizes his mistake and runs with his wife Zoya. They hide at prostitute Chand Bibi’s place and during this period their love shines again. Chauhans & Qureshies, both come together on the name of fake family pride and political benefits, they find out lovebirds at college of the town. Both families fire gunshots on Parma & Zoya. When Parma & Zoya realizes that there is no way to escape, instead of dying by someone else, they shoot each-other and die in each-others arms.

Ladie V/S Ricky Bahl (2011)

It’s story of a con Ricky Bahl (Ranveer Singh), who likes to con girls only. Ricky woes a Delhi based rich Punjabi spoilt brat Dimple Chaddha (Parineeti Chopra) as Sunny. Ricky meets dimple’s father and cons them for someone else’s property by saying that its his ancestral house which has been illegally encroached upon by the tenants. He takes money from her and left heart broken Dimple waiting for him. When Dimple came to know that she was conned, she decides to take revenge. Ricky reaches in Mumbai to con his new victim Raina Parulekar (Dipannita Sharma), a headstrong go-getter girl working in a big PR firm. He charms Parul as Deven Shah, an art aficionado. Raina’s boss ordered her to buy a M. F. Hussain painting of a horse herd for central wall in an upcoming party. Parul tries to find it at every possible place but can’t get it. Ricky says that he can get her desired painting.

hot sexy parineeti chopra with ranveer singh in ladies vs ricky bahl movie 2011

Ricky cons Parul and disappears with money. Dimple (Parineeti Chopra) meets Parul and tells her everything. One more girl Saira Rashid (Aditi Sharma) from Lucknow tells them she was also conned by the same guy. They trace him down at Goa by his special ring tone. These three ladies hire a smart and sweet-talking saleswoman Ishika (Anushka Sharma) and plant her as daughter of an NRI  business tycoon. Ricky meets Ishika as a hunt only but falls in love with her. Ishika also falls in love with him. Except confuse Ishika, all three ladies think that this time too Bloody Kameena will run with their money, but eventually Ricky comes there with all money, returns it and apologies to all three ladies. Changed Ricky is forgiven, and finally Ishika accepts his true love.

Hope you like information about hot, bubbly and charming actress Parineeti Chopra, new movies of Parineeti Chopra will be added soon to this article.

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